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This week I am excited to share my winter coats…. yes I started with the button detailed coat

Today I am styling up my red fur coat. I am obsessed with this new red faux fur jacket from H&M, it is possibly the warmest, cosiest, softest thing I have ever worn and makes me feel like a teddy bear. “what to buy” goals right?

Faux Fur Coats can dress up any outfit and I love to wear mine with everything( I will be updating this post whenever I wear this coat) from just showing legs while rocking ankle boots to my go-to plain jeans and stelettos…it goes with everything! I actually plan to try different outfits with it.
So, from your casual to a dressed-up look, the faux fur coat will add the perfect amount of style and cosiness to your every glam.

This bright red H&M, number was fantastic value at …. to me it is a steal and the perfect winter investment for the cold that is ahead of us.

Shoutout to my fedora hat for helping me achieve these looks.

Thank you so much for checking my blog, if you enjoyed it please share and let me know which was your favourite outfit and any styling ideas.

coat: H&M

boots: starshoes

belt: Ali Express

fedora hat: H&M

eyeglasses: DG

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